Saturday, March 11, 2006

Project Spectrum - Red

Red inspirationThe Project Spectrum color for March is red, so I went searching for things in my box-filled home to cluster together for a photo to celebrate the color. Yay, I managed to find a few beads!

What in the world to do for this project? I don't have very much free time right now, and I still haven't unpacked my yarn. What can I do that will be quick to make and use yarn that I can get to?

I received an email message from Knitzilla! about one of the afghans for Afghans projects, they are collecting newborn hats and booties for International Midwife Assistance participants to take with them to Bamiyan.

Hmmm, hats and booties are quick to make and don't take much yarn, so it would be easier to find something appropriate in the stash pile. I decided that this would make a good Project Spectrum activity.

There is only one important requirement; the hats and booties must be made from wool or another warm natural fiber, like alpaca or cashmere. Luckily for me, the second box I opened contained some leftover wool yarn from fairisle hats I made the December before last for holiday gifts.

I have one bootie finished and am working on its mate. I'm using this pattern from Blossom Knitwear, but I'm using size 6US/4.25mm needles to help tighten up my stitches. I plan on using a modified version of this pattern for the hat. You can find links to these and many other free patterns on the afghans for Afghans website.

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