Monday, March 27, 2006

Are You Knitting With Toothpicks?

Tiny GlovesYou never know what people will say to you when you are knitting in public. The reactions people have to your activity can be most entertaining. I brought my knitting along to a birthday party in a public place the other day and was asked with some puzzlement if I was knitting with toothpicks?! I was knitting a sock on size 2 needles and had to agree with a grin, "Those look a lot like toothpicks, don't they?"

simple sockWhat I was doing was 'warming up my fingers' by knitting a pair of socks before attempting these tiny gloves. I don't knit with sock yarn every day, so it helps me to practice getting an even tension on a simple tube before getting fiddly with the fingers of a glove.

And what's with the tiny glove? I'm trying to work out the pattern for the Guatemalan toddler gloves of course. I will post the pattern for these when I have figured out all the details like sizing; this pair will fit a 1-year-old, which isn't terribly practical.

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Michi said...

I know what you mean about the weird things people say to you when you're knitting in public, though personally I think the weirdest thing they can say is, "Are you KNITTING?" as though it's utterly inconceivable that you would be. My typical answer for that is, "No, I'm writing the next great American novel."
I think the cutest thing anyone's ever said to me is, "Wow, you're like a 90-year-old woman trapped in a teenager's body . . . I wish I knew how to knit." Cuteness factor because it was coming from a guy, without snarkiness, and he really did look wistful when he said he wished he could knit!
Good luck with the mittens. They look adorable.