Sunday, February 19, 2006

Playing Catch-up

It's the most amazing and amusing thing to hear a toddler trying to say,"Happy Valentine's Day Mommy!"

My youngest gave me this lovely pink azalea for Valentine's Day (with some help from his Daddy). It will make a nice addition to the garden-to-be. He has requested that I include a fountain in the garden, since he so adores playing in the water. How can I refuse?

...And a patch of lawn for him to play on, a big sandbox to dig in, some fruits and vegetables to eat, a play structure...

It's time again for the Gimme Some Needles Exchange. For my assigned swap buddy: You may look at my previous answers to the questionnaire here, or you may surprise me. As for me, I intend to surprise.

I am just itching to knit something. I haven't done any knitting at all during this move and now it's like I'm having withdrawals. Now, if I can just find enough of my knitting supplies to actually start something...ooh, wait, here's some kitchen cotton, now where are those needles...

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