Sunday, February 19, 2006

Back in Blogland

roomful of boxesWe finally (finally!!!) have our internet connection installed in our new home. We were on a waiting list (but you can't put me on a waiting list! I have a blog to run here!). I have been waiting quite impatiently, can you tell? Now I can share with you all some of the joys and pratfalls of moving to a new place.

Pratfall #1: Boxes.

Boxes upon boxes. Boxes within boxes. Boxes surrounding boxes. Boxes completely filling rooms. You get the idea.

Once a body has unpacked the contents of the boxes and actually found homes for said contents, one still must deal with all of the empty boxes. For me, that's the easy part-a simple posting on my local Freecycle board does the trick. Somebody who needs boxes will come and get 'em. Then they can enjoy their own box-o-rama.

Cape HoneysuckleJoy #1: A new landscape to work with.

This very large and well-established Cape Honeysuckle positioned near-but-not-too-near to my backdoor. It attracts hummingbirds, which is lovely, but also attracts bees, which you don't want too close to any doorway. The distance seems perfect, the bees happily do their business and aren't bothered by our foot traffic.

This shrub and a very large tree are the only real plant life in my yard at the moment. Some would think of that as a bad thing. I see it as a wonderful opportunity to landscape the place to my own tastes without having to rip out existing plantings. What fun!

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