Friday, February 24, 2006

Thar's Yarn in Them Boxes!

I was catching up with my email, which had been neglected during the move, and I took a good look at my sitemeter report, which I frequently neglect to read. I had how many visits??? I can't believe I've had 35,000 visits to my website! That's in one year. Absolutely unbelievable.

I continue to unpack when I can. You know how it goes, you open a box and take a good look at its contents, make a face, and close it back up because you have no idea how you're going to sort this collection of junk or where in the world you'll put it. Now and then I get to open a happy box like this one. I still have to close it up for now, but there's no doubt about what to do with it. It gets set aside in that pile of yarn boxes over there in the corner for now until I get enough space cleared to put up the shelves. Oh yes, the craft room is the staging area where all the boxes were piled in the move. It's great incentive to get everything unpacked and put away, because I don't get a craft room until then.

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