Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shipping the Charity Knitting

Afghan squares and baby hats and socks ready to shipI've been to the post office today to ship my charity knits. It was hard for the 4-year-old to let them go, he had the idea that they were all for him, but then, he tends to think everything is for him anyway.

The totals: 14 4" squares of sock yarn on their way to Kay for Oliver's blanket project and 7 sets of baby hats and socks on their way to afghans for Afghans. I tied each set of hat and socks together in its own little bundle so that they wouldn't 'lose' each other in transit.

The baby hats and socks made such a lovely little rainbow, I just had to share the photo here. They were so cute that I just wanted to keep making more, and I will, after I get my holiday knitting done. For now, I just wanted to get these little darlings shipped in time for the deadline.

So, back to that purple sock I was working on. It's nearly done, but it doesn't seem as interesting as those darling little baby hats, does it?


KreativeMix said...

Great Job!! congrats!!! this is really awesome.


You are amazing!!!I can barely keep my knitting agenda on a schedule and you've managed to get all those terrific hats, mittens, and squares done! You're a Knitting Dynamo! Thanks for the pattern!

Carol said...

Those are adorable! You're so good to have knit all that for the kids!