Monday, May 15, 2006

Pattern Testing

Glove in progressI am making progress with my copy of the Guatemalan gloves.

After very close examination of the originals, I found that they had been made inside-out, that is, they had been purled in the round. I had read about this method being used by knitters in South America but hadn't seen it until now. I'd never done it this way before but decided to give it a try. I might learn something useful in the process.

So far so good. It may be unfamiliar, but it's not a bad way to knit a glove. There have been some surprise benefits. Because the stranded work yarn is being carried on the outside of the glove, it's easier to avoid carrying the yarn too snugly. It naturally seems to carry itself loosely along the work. Also, if you are purling everything, it is easier to use two-needle-tubular-knitting to work those tiny fingers. When using the knit stitch to flat tubular knit, you have to pass the yarn forward and back between stitches; you don't have to do this when using the purl stitch. Who knew?

Softies in muslinI am also making progress on my BackTack3 project. I have been testing some patterns for softies in muslin to help me decide which one I want to use. The bunny on the right is the right size and full of cuteness, but he's much too slender for the design treatment I want to use. The Toddler likes it though and I will dress it up for him to play with. The plump body on the left is better, but not quite right. It needs some adjustments before I can start the final piece.

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Cynthia said...

I love the mittens; they look fantastic! The rabbits kind of look like stuffed road kill from a distance (LOL) but the bunny on the right is too cute!

Ari, could you please send me your name and address in an email - thank you so much!