Saturday, May 06, 2006

Colorful Knitting

a brightly colored sockI'm knitting myself a pair of socks.

Yes, I'm actually knitting something for myself, can you believe it? I have been feeling a need for something colorful. Must be spring fever.

I'm using the Leaf Socks pattern from the Vogue Knitting Socks book, but without the embroidery or stripe pattern; the yarn has enough pattern to it as it is. I am using a solid color for the ribbing, heel and toe of the sock because I think that a sock made with heavily patterned yarn looks better that way. But then, I seem to think that all socks need contrasting heels and toes anyway.

Rainbow yarn for a bagThe three year old wants me to make him a bag so that he can carry his toys around with him wherever he goes. Not just any bag, he wants one made from Noro Kureyon in a rainbow of colors.

How does a toddler become such a yarn snob? Easily-toddlers don't pay any attention to price or fiber content, they only care about how the yarn looks and feels. In this instance, it was the most delightfully colorful yarn in the shop. He can pick out a ball of Noro from 20 feet away. Which just goes to show that the child spends far more time in yarn shops than his peers.

I was asked via email about the jester cap that I made a while back. I haven't found the hat yet, it's hiding in a box somewhere in the storage room. I will find the cap or make another, either way I'll be posting the pattern soon.

One of my neighbors is planning a wedding. Several other neighbors are planning to gift her with some items that they feel are necessary to the whole endeavor. These conspirators have approached me, pattern book in hand, as the One Most Likely To Finish A Crocheted Project On Time. I have been drafted to make a lovely crocheted wedding set that includes the ring bearer's pillow, flower girl's basket and bride's garter. I was so happy that I wasn't drafted to do all the floral arrangements this time that I heartily agreed to break out the tiny hooks. I will post my progress at regular intervals.

Another request this week: to make a soft toy froggy for a child. I must have a pattern somewhere. You know I do. Or my mother does. She'll have dozens I'm sure. I'll google it too, just to be sure I have several to choose from. Do you have a favorite froggy pattern? Tell me about it if you do!


aija said...

Oh, that Noro is perfect for a little one! So sweet he picked it out, too :)

Emily said...

The Noro is lovely. The colors are so vivid and bright...
I agree about socks. The almost always need some sort of contrast. It just looks better that way ^^