Thursday, May 11, 2006

Celebrate Green

Green materials for Project SpectrumThis month's color for Project Spectrum is green. Here are some of the supplies I've gathered for projects this month.

In the foreground I have a selection of green cardstock and an inkpad in shades of green to use for my post card for this month's swap. In the background are some green fabrics, mostly batiks, to make some froggy bean bags. At left are some green sock yarns for various projects, including the toddler gloves.

I plan on spending time in herb gardens this month in order to properly celebrate all the different green plants that we take for granted, especially the culinary and aromatic ones.

Parent's Note: The inkpad, a Versacolor, is a water-based pigment ink that actually cleans up with soap and water when fresh. Yes, even out of the carpet! It washed right off the boy's hands and out of my berber carpet. It's toddler proof!

Finished Project Spectrum items for March and AprilHere is a recap of the finished items for March and April. I was so very busy that I didn't make a proper post last month for Project Spectrum, so I'll just have to add it in now.

Red and pink were the colors for March, so I made baby hats and booties for afghans for Afghans in both colors.

Yellow and orange were the colors for April. I made multicolored hats that included yellow in them and a pair of yellow gloves. My orange striped socks were a bit late, overlapping into May, but I'll call it close enough.

I've been enjoying the flowers blooming everywhere now that spring has come. I particularly enjoy visiting the garden centers to see all the lovelies. Common flowers in bloom in my area the last couple of months: Lantana, geranium, roses, daylilies. I know, the rest of the country won't be seeing these until June, but here in sunny California we have them nearly year-round.

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