Thursday, May 11, 2006

Finished Socks

Orange striped socksThe orange striped socks are finished. Yay!

They fit me well, I'm so pleased. I had feared that I would have to rip and reknit them several times as others have reported doing in order to get a good fit. I am fortunate to have chosen a pattern that fit my feet reasonably well. I only had to rip out and reknit my first ribbed cuff.

Vogue Knitting On The Go-SocksAgain, these were knit to the Leaf Socks pattern in the Socks book from Vogue Knitting. It has a chart for making a striped pattern in the sock, but since my yarn already had a striped pattern built into it I knit the leg and foot plain. I left off the embroidered leaves.

This made a simple-to-knit anklet with contrasting cuff, heel and toe. There's enough striped/fairisle yarn left over from the 100-gram ball to make another pair. Maybe I'll make them with fushia pink heels and toes?

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