Friday, November 04, 2005

A Quilt and Wackiness

xmas puff quiltThis is one of my mother's projects that has been sitting in a box for a few years. She has asked me to help her to finally get it finished, hopefully in time for the holiday season. It is a puff quilt made from a large assortment of holiday novelty fabrics. We've arranged the blocks in a pleasingly random pattern and started sewing them together. I took a photo of the arrangement so that we can put things to rights again whenever the toddler kicks them out of order. Gosh, I just love my digital camera!

wacky jester hatI was in a mood for some whimsy and amused myself for a couple of evenings by knitting this little jester's hat. It's ok kids, I've gotten it out of my system, there won't be any more of this wackiness posing as holiday gifts this year. Really, I promise.

This little darling will be going into the box of charity knitting.

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