Friday, November 11, 2005

Marker Mania

I promised to post photos of the markers I made for the Stitch Marker Swap after the end of the swap, so here they are. I took photos of them as I finished each batch.

August MarkersThe first set was for August and the theme color was pinks. Bubble gum pinks, peachy pinks, pink with green and blue. Each has a different silver charm at the bottom so that you can tell them apart in your knitting.

September MarkersThe second set was for September and the theme was water. Aqua blues with the same silver charms to tell them apart.

I had a little bit more spare time that month and was able to package these prettily on handmade cards. I used different shades of aqua, blue and purple cardstock and used a wavy-edged pair of paper scissors to make it resemble water.

October MarkersThe third set was for October and the theme color was purple. I have a special fondness for purple and I really enjoyed making these, just because I was working with my favorite color.

It was a lot of fun making stitch markers for this swap, and each set that I got in return was unique, different from what I made and very inspirational for future projects.

Cabled Baby HatHere is the hat that I started at the hockey game. I made it to match the Manoir Coat. You know, that one that's been giving me fits. I have indeed set that coat aside for now. Maybe later I will be able to resew that collar with new inspiration, but not today.

Instead, I'm adding rows to the blue striped cardigan. I really would like to finish it in time for the holidays since it is meant to be a gift for my nephew. I've finished the body and have started the first sleeve. It's beginning to look like it might be a bit big for him, but I haven't checked the measurements to be sure yet. Far better that it be a bit too big than a bit too small!


Elisabeth said...

Love the purple!

Bron said...

They're all beautiful, but I especially love the purple ones!