Friday, October 21, 2005

Marker Swap is Complete

Here's the final set of markers for the Stitch Marker Swap. If you've been trying to keep count, you'll be scratching your head in confusion about now because this seems to be the 4th set I've received this month, when you know I only signed up for 3 partners. Well, one of these 4 is meant to be the 3rd set for last month, which hadn't arrived on time. It's all good, no worries.

This beautiful set comes from Michigan. The silver butterfly charms are perfectly set off by amethyst beads. These feel almost slinky in the hand and will drape beautifully, sliding smoothly through my knitting as I work. They look and feel like a dream!

Thank you, Swap Buddy, for a set of markers that are truly a sensual pleasure!

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