Saturday, October 08, 2005

Baby Pants and Mail

yellow baby pants in process I've started working on that pair of baby pants I mentioned in my previous post. I'm using the Margaux Pants pattern in Bouton d'Or Layette #13, the same book I worked from for the jacket. I want the pants and jacket to go together; that is I want them to be the same size with the same garment ease and body shape so that they really do go together. So I am working from the same pattern book to make sure this happens.

I recalculated the number of stitches and rows for my different yarn and gauge, Dreambaby DK and 23x33=4"/10cm on #4US/3.5mm needles. The photo shows one ball knitted and the beginning of the second ball begun, pants about 75% complete. Isn't that a bright, happy yellow?

The mail carrier brought a package for me yesterday. These are the first Stitch Markers for October! They come from my swap buddy in Portland, Oregon.

These little darlings are just perfect for the season in the warm shades of autumn leaves. Transparent amber with little touches of brown and green go beautifully with the projects I'm working on this fall.

See how they look with the yellow baby pants? They will be especially handy while knitting the cap and booties!

Thank you, Swap Buddy, for reminding me what it looks like in Portland at this time of year with the maple, oak and alder leaves turning gold amidst the deep green of the douglas fir. These are beautiful stitch markers!

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