Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Fall Weather and a Finished Jacket

The weather has cooled enough to make working hard out-of-doors downright comfy, so I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to catch up on yard work. Much digging and laying of irrigation lines during the day, a little time for sewing up of projects in the evening.

In the photo at left are a soft stuffed spider and a polyester flower cluster chosen by my toddler to decorate the coffee table for the season. The vase is made from a jelly jar covered with a knitted sleeve and is heavy enough to keep from tipping while holding the lightweight poly flowers.

I've finished the Marennes baby jacket from Bouton d'Or layette book #13. I'm pleased with the finished sweater. The multiple colors of the Hobby Kids Color yarn don't distract too much from the little rows of cables. I will be making other pieces to go with the jacket in bright yellow DreamBaby D.K. starting with some little pants.

My markers for the third round of the Stitch Marker Swap are finished and on their way to my swap buddies. At the end of the month I will post photos of all the markers I've made for this swap so everyone can see. I love going to everyone's website to see what they've received, it gives me such ideas seeing what other people are doing!

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