Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Baby Things and Markers

yellow baby pants and hatI finished the yellow baby pants the other day. There is just one last detail to finish-choosing the buttons for the little suspenders. You know how that can be, searching for just the right button and not finding it. I will have to check a few more shops.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon knitting a little hat to go with the pants, using the pattern for the Maupas Bonnet, #33 in the Bouton d'Or layette book #13. (I omitted the stripes and flower decoration)

All of the garments I have made from this book were knitted from the newborn size, and all of them seem to actually be larger. I would estimate the size to be closer to a 6-12 months size when compared to off-the-rack clothing. This is nice if the baby you are knitting for turns out to be a bit bigger than average. This is also not so bad for smaller babies, since they will grow into the clothes in a short amount of time. It's just a bit disappointing if you were hoping to use these garments for a coming-home outfit.

purple stitch markersThe second set of Stitch Markers for this month comes from New York. They're purple hehehe! My favorite color dontcha know.

See how beautiful they are? No two exactly alike, yet one look tells you that they are all part of a set. See the charm that looks like a ball of yarn with needles sticking through it? That's another one of my favorite things.

These little darlings are just crying out to be used with some silk yarn, don't you think?

Thank you, Swap Buddy, for these wonderful jewel-like stitch markers!


Anonymous said...

so happy you liked the markers...enjoy them!

Theresa said...

Such cute baby pants! :o)

roxy ^-o-^ said...

Hi Ari!

I just figured out that it was you who sent me those amazing purple/silver star stitch markers - was racking my brain trying to figure out all the Cali knittyheads.
I absolutely love & adore them and am currently using them in my kidsilk haze WIP
You are so talented!
Love the blog, keep posting cool stuff!

Thanks again!