Thursday, July 14, 2005

Catching Up with BackTack

We've been taking turns coming down with stomach 'flu around here and I have gotten a bit behind on my posts.

I have both sent and received my BackTack packages for round 2.

This is the BackTack project I sent to my buddy in Texas. I made a tote bag using that Simplicity pattern I posted about previously, a pair of apple-shaped pin cushions (pattern here) and a needles and notions pouch.

Here you can see the inside of the pouch stuffed with sample needles and notions. It will hold 10" straight knitting needles, double pointed needles and circular needles as well as measuring devices, snips, tapestry or sewing needles, buttons and other embellishments. It zips all the way around to hold everything securely. I hope my buddy enjoys it!

Here is the notions roll I received from my buddy, isn't it pretty?

What a great little sewing kit, so handy to have around and toss into a tote bag along with whatever project I'm taking with me! Best of all, it's my favorite color, purple. Thank you BackTack Buddy!

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