Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bags on the Brain

Everywhere I go I seem to find interesting bags. Are they truly this popular or is it just me, bags-on-the-brain or somesuch? Here is a group I found at my local Beverly's (that's a fabric/crafts/floral supply store).

While orange usually is not my favorite color, aren't these bags inspiring? I think they're just deliciously tropical in tangerine. I bought the pattern, of course, it's Simplicity 9949. I think it'll make a great project bag, travel bag, diaper bag, etc.

The weather has been quite warm, downright hot the last couple of days. I'm afraid I may have killed my fushia by not watering it twice a day in this heat as I should. I forgot to water the plants on Sunday. The rest of our little patio garden is doing just fine, though. Most of the plants are heat-lovers like tomatoes and citrus and didn't suffer from the lack of watering over the weekend because they are in larger pots that hold the moisture better.

See my little gardener, he thinks the hose belongs to him and will not reliquish it to anyone. We have quite a little battle when it's time to come inside, he enjoys playing with the water so much. The 'terrible' part of being two is beginning *sigh*.

I've set in the sleeves for the Marennes jacket and decided it needs a bit of blocking before I finish the seams. I must find the iron and board before I can finish it. We have too many boxes left to unpack still. Until then, I will probably work on afghan squares until I get bored, then move on to little hats and scarves for AfricanKelli's upcoming trip to Mozambique.

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