Thursday, July 14, 2005

Stitch Marker Swap Questionnaire

Yes, I've joined the Stitch Marker Swap. I can't wait to play with beads and wire again, and use up some of my bead stash to boot.

Here are my answers to the questionnaire. I hope my swap buddies find them helpful.

Q. Do you prefer shorter or more dangling type of markers?
A. I don't have a preference.

Q. Is there any kind of markers that you would absolutely NOT want to recieve?
A. Hmmm, I can't think of any kind of stitch marker that could possibly be offensive.

Q. Colors you like most?
A. My favorite colors are in the purple-to-blue range, but I also enjoy jewel tones, the subtle colors of natural materials and fun metallics.

Q. Colors you like least?
A. The decorator colors from the 70's, you know, avocado green, burnt orange, harvest gold and the like; but I have to admit there are times when I enjoy using them, like when I'm doing autumn scrapbook pages.

Q. Would you prefer markers for smaller or larger sized needles?
A. Most of the knitting I do is with worsted weight or finer yarn, so I'd have to say smaller sized markers would be more practical for me.

Q. Do you want your sender to reveal themselves when they've shipped or at a later date? How would you like to find out if at all?
A. I don't really have a preference here either, although I do want to find out eventually. I wouldn't mind waiting until the end of the 3-month swap period for a big reveal on the swap website.

Q. Anything that you like your sender to know that would be helpful for them.
A. I have very eclectic taste and enjoy many different things. I particularly enjoy different ethnic styles. I just love handmade things and will enjoy just about anything you care to make.

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