Thursday, July 14, 2005

Apple Pincushions Pattern

This pattern will make pincushions shaped like an apple half and an apple wedge. I've used acrylic felt to make mine, but they would be cute made in calico too. My half apple measures about 4 inches across, but you can reduce or enlarge the pattern to make a different size. Just remember-the smaller it is, the more difficult it will be to sew together.

Instructions: For each type of cushion, cut 1 flesh piece, 1 skin piece, one seed and 2 leaves.

Pin the flesh and skin pieces wrong sides together aligning the top and bottom points. Sew together using blanket stitch (being careful to ease in the fullness along the outer curve of the skin on the apple half) leaving an opening for stuffing. Stuff the cushion firmly and finish sewing until the opening is closed. Position seed and leaves where desired and tack in place.

Click on photo to see full size pattern for printing.

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I love pincushions