Monday, January 03, 2005

New Project

After spending some time perusing my stash, I decided it was time for a big project (well, bigger than a hat anyway). I have some Dale Baby Ull that I found on clearance a couple of years ago (never pass up a sale on Dale) and a Dale baby pattern I've been wanting to try. Quick, before he outgrows it. Problem: pattern uses crayon colors, yarn on hand is white, charcoal and red. Odd color choices for a toddler sweater with rocking horses, but maybe I can pull it off.

Today is a good day for knitting. There's slushy snow outside. A day for staying in with soup and warm cozies.

I can knit up one of the socks as a swatch.

Here's what I've managed to knit today with a very cranky toddler. Tomorrow: visit LYS to replace broken Brittany dpns size 0 so that I can knit the other sock.

I'll look at the sock in daylight when it's finished to see if I like the color scheme. It's looking iffy right now.

1 comment:

African Kelli said...

Those socks are incredible! I love how you just "wip them up" when the weather sours. I'd be hunkered down swearing like a sailor.