Sunday, January 23, 2005

Inherited UFO

My mother came across this sweater in her workroom the other day and gave it to me to finish. It's an Elizabeth Zimmerman Original Baby Surprise Jacket, made several years ago from acrylic worsted and never sewed together.

She even found the pattern-from Knitter's Magazine Issue 14 Spring 1989. What wonderful articles! I must try this pattern and knit several of these. I wove in the ends from the stripes while watching tv and found some nice buttons for it.

After working on the Jamie Blankie Project, I just had to make more mitered squares, so I'm working on a baby afghan of my own.

The first two squares are complete, just 58 more to go. This is a great project to work on when you feel like knitting in front of the tv, or when you're nursing a cold. These are made from Lion Cotton and Plymouth Wildflower DK.

I found the circular needle I was missing and the project it was attached to. I had forgotten all about that box of yarn, so I started taking inventory of my yarn stash. I need to have a list to refer to, the stuff is crammed into nooks and crannies all over the house.

Oh, that project? It was a sweater for my middle son from about 5 years ago. He's outgrown it. Project cancelled, it's on the frog pile. The yarn is Lion Homespun in Rococo, Ranch and Colonial.

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