Monday, January 28, 2008

Woolies For Winter

Long striped scarfI have finished knitting the scarf I was working on, and am about half done weaving in the ends (see photo, left). You can read about the details here. That's the part that gets put off regularly around here, the seaming and weaving in of ends. Who knows when it will actually be ready to wear?

The same goes for this little Baby Surprise Jacket knitted in Patons Classic Wool Merino in a solid and a marled denim blue color (see photo, right). It's waiting for seams and buttons. I am debating whether to add a collar or a simple I-cord edge. It needs that touch of the darker solid color around the neck to make it look complete.

I have managed to accumulate a tidy little pile of things to donate to afghans for Afghans this month. They were seamless and didn't have nearly so many ends to weave in, so they got finished in short order.

Baby folk art hats and matching socksIn the photo at left: 3 baby Folk Art hats that I've already blogged about here, and 3 pair of solid colored socks (to go with the Folk Art Hats). I used the free Blossom Knitwear pattern for these.

Striped hat with matching socksIn the photo at right: A striped hat that I made following the free Scrap-Happy Celebration Hat pattern, but altered it to make it baby-sized. Also a pair of striped socks to match the hat, applying the same method of striping from the hat pattern to the Blossom socks mentioned above. I'll have to play around with more color combinations with this pattern.

I understand that the sets of hats and socks will be separated for shipment to Afghanistan, and that it doesn't matter if the items match or not, but I like to make matching sets. If I were making these for a local charity, a friend or for a neighbor I would make a matched set. That's just the way I roll.

basic ribbed socks in purpleOne more project to share today:

These purple socks are finally done. I started them back in November and suffered second sock syndrome for a while. I had thought I might try using some wooly nylon reinforcement in the heels and toes, but couldn't find a suitable color. As it turns out, the Socka is a little thicker than the Regia and feels more durable. We'll see what happens after I wear them for a while.


Carol said...

Fabulous colors! You really know to make happy looking knits! How great you are to make all those nice warm things for the little ones :)

Heidi said...

Hey, I like the way you roll.


wow, woman! You sure do knit up a storm! Your needles must be smokin'! Love the scarf. my stash could sure benefit from your idea!

Michelle said...

Thanks Ari for finding my blog and leaving a comment, I just posted an update on my afghan progress and need your opinion if you have a sec. I love your blog and that scarf is fantastic! the colors go so great together, I think I may need to try one of those for a friend of mine who loves to wear those colors together. Great post!