Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Year in Review

What did I do this last year? Why, lots of stuff of course. Most of it is on my weblog, so I can review it when I like. Here's a tally of it all:

Handbag made from placematCrib sized quilt top in pinkI sewed 1 handbag and 1 crib sized quilt top.

Yes, I know I didn't blog about the quilting. I was too busy, and had packed it away before I resumed my blogging. I made a bunch of quilt blocks too, but didn't get them sewed together.

The pink quilt top I have pulled back out, hoping to finish, and am able to photograph it, so there you go.

Tea cozy for large teapotI knitted 2 tea cozies. Tea cozy for small teapotI never thought I'd make a tea cozy, but that was before I had children and interruptions that left my pot full of cold tea.

I value my rare moments of peace with a cup of tea, although most often I'm not drinking proper tea. As Poirot would say, it's a tisane.

Pile of dishcloths3 brightly-colored washcloths26 dishcloths, scrubbies and bath mitts. Can you imagine such a thing? If you had suggested to me last January that I would make a couple dozen dishcloths this year, I would have laughed.

I found a pattern I really enjoyed knitting and ended up making lots of these for gifts. Who knew?

Blue socks for my motherpair of small grey socks8 pair of socks. That's 5 pair of adult socks and 3 pair of child's socks.

I discovered that both my mother and my youngest son greatly admire handknit socks and can't wait for me to knit them another pair.

Sorry, guys, I am going to finish my purple socks first.

And speaking of socks,

7 sets of baby hats and socks for charityAfghan squares for Oliver7 pair of baby socks and 7 baby hats for charity. These went to afghans for Afghans.

17 afghan squares for charity. These went to Oliver's Blanket project, hoping he will be able to get some much-needed new equipment.

Bulky hat for 12-18 month girl.5 hats for holiday gifts. 4 adult sized and 1 toddler sized, for family living in colder climates.

Trying out different patterns, some I loved, some not so much. The fit varies a lot from designer to designer.

I prefer to make my hats snug-fitting so they don't blow away in gusty winter winds.

Bug MittensBaby doll wearing knitted outfitI knit One pair of mittens in wool for the boy to wear when we go to the mountains to visit the snow. Who can resist a pair of buggy mitts?

1 doll's outfit. A sweater and leggings in a premie baby size just fits the doll my mother made years ago to teach the children how to hold new baby siblings.

Seed Stitch Coat-FinishedRed Stephane cardiganLast, but not least, the sweaters.

3 little sweaters for babies and children. A seed stitch coat for my cousin's 1-year-old. An aran style cardigan for the 4-year-old.

A simple Baby Surprise Jacket with a matching Baby Beret for a future baby shower.

That's the list of finished projects for the year. I wonder what the coming year will bring?


KSee said...

All your knitting is beautiful. Can't wait to see what the new year brings.

Carol said...

Wow! You did an awesome amount of knitting last year and they're all beautiful. And she quilts too, just amazing talent. A very happy and creative new year!


You are such an inspiration to me!
I love dropping by to see what your knitty brain/hands has come up with!!!

Heidi said...

All your FOs are just beautiful, thanks for sharing them with us.

Michelle said...

What a great year! I loved the striped 4-corners cloths.

inge said...

I love the "boycloths!" Can you share the pattern? Or at least point me in the right direction?


Ari said...

Thank you all for the wonderful compliments. I am inspired by the projects that people post on their blogs, so I post my own projects in the hope of inspiring others. It still feels magical, the making of neat things with a bit of string and some sticks.

Inge, the pattern is the '4-Corners Dishcloth' posted by Abigail at http://1870pearl.typepad.com/4Corners.pdf

I followed her directions, but made a slightly smaller cloth by casting on 16 stitches instead of 19.