Monday, December 17, 2007

More Holiday Knitting

Cotton dishcloths and scrubbiesThis is the latest batch of holiday knitting, cotton dishcloths and scrubbies to be sent along with cookies and such to relatives out-of-town.

These darlings have all been made with free patterns available on the web: Abigail's 4-Corners dishcloth (the 3 cloths made with ombred yarns) and Tribbles (the 3 little round scrubbies) are my favorites, Bernat's Knit Eyelet and Simple Ridge Dishcloths (green cloth in the center) and Eloomanator's Diagonal Knit Dishcloth (green cloth on the left), which is only available on Ravelry right now.

Child's bath mittsI've also made a pair of these child-sized bath mitts in Lion Cotton. I think they will make a great gift for the 4-year-old. He can use them in the bath, of course, but he can also use them for imaginative play. He likes to pretend he's an Iron chef and I believe he will use these as oven mitts in his play kitchen. It will be interesting to see what else his imagination will make of them.

I will post the pattern for these soon.

Edit: Pattern posted here.

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