Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Projects Finished and New

All the time that I am working on my projects I am getting new ideas for things I'd like to try. That's not to say that I can't stay focused on one project; I just find that when I am using that creative problem solving part of my brain for one project, I get more than just the ideas needed for that item. Related ideas just sort of tumble out too. Creative multitasking. I thoroughly enjoy each item I work on, but sometimes one of those related ideas is so interesting that I just have to investigate it before I lose the inspiration. This is how the WIP pile grows.

finished bag of Noro KureyonI have finished some projects and in the course of finishing them have started more. Of course.

Here is the finished Noro Kureyon bag I have been working on. It's based on the Booga Bag, with added flap and handle strap. It's perfect for my toddler son's toys. It's roomy, easy to carry, and the flap helps hold stuff in the bag yet is easy for him to open and close.

I had thought about adding some sort of closure, perhaps a magnetic button, to help hold his toys inside the bag, but decided against it. It's best to keep things simple for kids.

Pansy colorsThis little group of worsted weight yarns are destined to become matching hat and mittens. I love these pansy colors, but haven't decided on a pattern just yet. I have narrowed it down to a few different choices, but haven't found the 'perfect' one.

I have several projects like this one waiting to be started. Yarns with great promise just needing an equally great pattern. Often I know what sort of garment or accessory I want to make but not exactly what design.

Other projects I have planned out completely but am not working on them just now for one reason or another. For instance, I am planning a pair of Bazaar Socks (pattern here). I am in the process of knitting gauge swatches and deciding how I want to knit them to get my size. I am taking a break from it because I scraped my knuckles and find it painful to work on them right now.

In fact, with these gritched knuckles, I am avoiding knitting altogether. Until they have healed I will take advantage of the opportunity to do other creative things.

Some new clothing patternsI purchased some new sewing patterns to play around with. With the beginning of hot summer weather comes the desire to wear cool summer dresses. And as long as I'm sewing summer dresses, I should sew a little something for fall as well. Since I have the sewing machine out and all. The prospect of making some new pieces for my wardrobe is so appealing. You know, the kind of thing that makes you feel great when you wear it just because you love the fabric.

Oh, I can sew? Well, maybe while I'm sewing dresses anyway, I can help my neighbor who is having some trouble with a sundress?

You see where this leads.

I am helping a friend with a simple sheath dress for an informal wedding. Yes, I volunteered to make a wedding dress. Because it's what you do for a dear friend when you know how to sew well, enjoy sewing and see such a project as simple and uncomplicated. Since I already have the sewing machine out and all.

We'll see how reality compares to the estimate.


Theresa said...

So THAT is how the WIP pile grows? Good to know, I've always wondered ;)

Love to hear about your creative process.

Kate said...

Love the kureyon Bag - great colours - very cute bag.