Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kid Knitting

Basic ribbed socks in blue, child's sizeBook cover: Vogue Knitting Socks TwoI've made another pair of socks for the 4-year-old. He appreciates them so much and demonstrates such enthusiasm for my efforts that it motivates me to knit more for him.

This pair was knitted from the Basic Ribbed Socks pattern in the little book Vogue Knitting On The Go: Socks Two, altering only the foot length to about .5 inch longer than the child's actual foot measurement for growth room. The yarn is Lang Jawoll superwash. I did not use the included reinforcement yarn for heels or toes this time because I simply forgot about it. It's ok, he will probably outgrow them before he has a chance to wear them out anyway.

Red Stephane cardigan, detailRed Stephane cardigan
I have finally finished the child's red sweater I started a year ago. Fortunately I had chosen to knit it 2 sizes larger than he was actually wearing at the time. Losing track of the project in storage for several months hasn't been the disaster it might have been, as it turns out it's the perfect size for him now with a bit of room for him to grow.

The cardigan was meant to have a hood, but the child didn't like it when it was finished. I removed the hood, ripped it out and knit a simple ribbed collar instead. He liked this version much better.

Book photo: Stephane hooded cardigan from Annie Blatt Creation Magazine #1Book cover: Annie Blatt Creation Magazine #1To review the project, the pattern was the Stephane Jacket from Annie Blatt Creation Magazine #1 and the yarn was Schachenmayr Nomotta Extra 100% superwash wool, a DK weight yarn.

I did make a few alterations to the pattern. I adjusted the stitch and row count to match my gauge, and I added extra length to the body and sleeves to fit my child (who tends to be tall and slender) and for growth room, which at his age seems to be confined to height only. I made sure this added length was in full pattern repeats so that the design would still look balanced.


Anonymous said...

Your sweater is fantastic!! Great job with the adjustments, I like yours better than the picture. Great color, too.

Carol said...

They are both great! How nice that the little guy appreciates hand knits (and knows how to get more);)


Lovely knitting, Daaaarling! Would love one in my size, btw!