Saturday, August 01, 2009

New Pet

CinnamonLittle Blue Dog sweaterWe have a new family member.

How can one resist those eyes? We'd gone to the pound "just to find out how one goes about adopting" and "just looking to see what they've got." Famous last words.

The 6-year-old has decided to call her Cinnamon, which I think is appropriate because her coat more resembles her Dachshund ancestors than the Chihuahua ones.

Just think, someone else to knit for! She gets cold in the air conditioning, so I had to try making her a sweater. This is "The Chihuahua Sweater" by Staceyjoy Elkin and it's a free pattern. It's knit in 2 pieces and seamed to form the front leg openings. It was a pretty easy knit and I can see I'll be playing around with the possibilities for a while.

You know, I used to think people who dressed up their pets were nutty. Now I find myself browsing through all those wacky pet costume patterns over at Ravelry! Guess I'm nutty too.