Monday, April 25, 2005

Bubble Gum Pink

This baby sweater is finished. I thought it would need interesting buttons, but I was mistaken; simple pearl buttons in a matching shade of bubble gum pink look just fine with the textured stitch pattern. This pattern is from Pingouin layette book #98.

Preparations for moving continue apace. I can't believe how much junk has accumulated in this house. I have made many, many trips to donate useful things that we don't really need and I keep finding more. Will it ever end?

We are having an extraordinarily beautiful spring this year. With the above-average rainfall we've had this winter in California, we are having more spring flowers than usual as well. My yard is filled with little blue lupines and monkey flowers. All around us the bright orange poppies have begun blooming, enticing us out to enjoy the weather when we can.

It's the beginning of the season for knitting in public out-of-doors!

I hope you all enjoy these lovely spring days in your neck of the woods.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Packing and TV Knitting

Packing continues for the move next month. So much has been done, but so much is left to be done. I hate packing, doesn't everyone?

The timing of our move is rather inconvenient for my knitting schedule. I have friends and family who have recently become new parents or are expecting soon. This seems to be the year for babies. I have many, many baby things to make.

I have some new layette books to inspire me. There is only one problem with a new pattern, you don't know exactly how it will turn out. The proportions may make the garment look like clown clothes. The pattern stitch may be awkward to execute and make your carpal tunnel thing flare up. The finishing details may not work out quite right, or may look cute in the photo but ridiculous in person. You just don't know until you've tried it out.

And so, I'm trying out some patterns. I really don't want to have to rip out and reknit that lovely Lang yarn that I paid way too much for, it looks a little delicate, like the plies may separate and not survive too much frogging. So, I'm using that acrylic yarn they sell at the dollar store. If I don't like the way it's going, I can break the yarn and throw the piece away without feeling guilty. If it turns out well, then I can donate the test garment to a worthy organization who collects layette items. A win-win situation.

I don't mind the extra knitting time, I like to knit while I watch TV, it gives my hands something to do. If the project is small, then it is easy to put down quickly to chase the toddler.

This is the piece I've been working on this week. It's turning out pretty well, we'll see what it looks like with sleeves. The cotton-candy pink color just grows on you, doesn't it? I think it will look best with interesting buttons. Plain buttons would just make it too boring and blah. This simple little sweater needs some little ribbons and rosebuds, that sort of thing, to dress it up a bit and make it more special.

Have a wonderful week and happy knitting!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Post Stash Flash

I have really enjoyed looking at other people's stash photos. It would seem that most are able to keep ahead of the yarn accumulation and actually get it knitted. There are some out there like me who can't resist the urge to get just a little more yarn. You know I'm good for it, I'll knit it up eventually. Maybe. Don't pay any attention to that basket full of Donegal Tweed that's been sitting on a side table for 5 years. Hush you, that is 'decor' and a valid use for yarn I should think!

I have been so very busy with packing and preparing for the move that I haven't had much time for knitting (or posting either). I've managed to pack the stash into 2 rather large boxes. I will need a 3rd box for the projects in progress, but not until the last moment.

The blue striped sweater has a few more inches added to the back. The argyle now has a sleeve. The Dale has a back to match the front and should have sleeves finished soon.

I'm trying to finish all of the machine knitting so that I can pack the machine. One thing I have learned over the years, do not pack the knitting machine with projects unfinished. You will lose all your notes and won't be able to remember what machine settings you were using and will have to start over and frog and reknit. I hate having to frog and reknit a perfectly good sweater just because I've forgotten what tension/needles I've used in the first place, don't you?

Friday, April 01, 2005

Flash Your Stash

As promised, here is 'the good stuff', that portion of my stash comprised of natural fibers. I seem to have retrieved just about all of it from various nooks and crannies around the house. Filling the cubbies on the left are wool yarns, on the right a combination of cotton, silk and wool yarns. Some of my favorites:

On the left, Alafoss Lopi in a nice medium gray for a bomber jacket. On the right, Tahki Donegal Tweed in assorted colors just because they were so beautiful.

Merino: some Lane Borgosesia Merinos Extra Fine, GGH Merino Soft and some GGH Taj Mahal with silk and cashmere added. Purchased to make wonderfully soft fairisle tams.

As previously posted, cotton Sonata from Elann in a variety of cool colors. 25 balls in all. I have no idea what I will be making with this yarn yet, but for now I'm really enjoying petting it.

Assorted wools: Nature Spun and Creme Brulee for making hats; 7 Settembre from the sale bin for small projects; Cascade 220 for felted bags; and 10 balls each of Dale Baby Ull in white, charcoal and red for baby things.

Sock yarns: Lang Jawoll, Brown Sheep Wildfoote; Silja, Limbo, Opal; Froelich Blauband; Fortissima and Regia.

Assorted novelty yarns. Fushia/purple/turquoise color group; odd balls of textured cottons; slubbed/furry/eyelash types.

There is a lot of cotton too. Tahki Cotton Classic, Lion Cotton and Sugar'n Cream in many colors for baby afghans and other mitered projects, most of which is in a big project bag.

Don't forget the acrylic and acrylic blends, detailed in my previous post...

The recycled yarn...

or the recycled-yarn-to-be.

That's the stash, but not all the yarn-the rest is in project bags everywhere. Yes, my family thinks I have too much yarn. No, they haven't seen it all. How's your stash?