Monday, March 17, 2008

Lemon Drop Cardigan

Seamless yoked cardigan in progressI've seen quite a few free patterns for baby sweaters that are very popular on the internet and I've always meant to give them a try, but hadn't gotten around to any of them yet.

Seamless yoked cardigan in yellowUntil now.

This is the Seamless Yoked Cardigan by Carole Barenys, and you can find the pattern at Knitting On The Net or at Carole's website, where she also has a .pdf file available. I've used Lion Brand Baby Soft yarn in Lemon Drop. Isn't that a delightful name for a color? And it's such a nice one, soft without being too pale.

This is a nice little sweater pattern, with one exception-it doesn't tell you how long to make the sleeves. I referred to the Craft Yarn Council's Standards & Guidelines for Crochet And Knitting to figure it out. I followed the instructions for the smaller size, and gave it 6" sleeves.

Add this to the gift stash!


Chris said...

Love the sweater. thx for the link to the pattern

Ann said...

The sweater is gorgeous. I must knit it as I love seamless knitting. Thanks for the link.

Carol said...

That's gorgeous! Thank you for sharing :)


Fabulous sweater! Happy Easter!

Kat said...

So cute! I love the color, too.