Saturday, March 22, 2008

Colorful Baby Top

Collage of photos of my Colorful Baby TopEarlier this month I picked up a copy of Itty-Bitty Nursery. It's full of lovely things, but I just had to try out the Cozy Boatneck Sweater pattern. The colors are so much fun, and I happen to have a supply of suitable wools on hand left over from the other colorful items I've been knitting lately. Here you can see the results of my efforts.

I find it so inspiring that I feel I simply must make baby hats and socks to go with it. I can play with different parts of the design and color combinations on a small scale that way.

The designs would be appropriate for charity items for afghans for Afghans too, and you know how much I love making useful stuff for charity.

Colorful Top rontColorful Top backThe photo at left shows the front of the sweater and the photo at right shows the back. Don't you just love the asymmetrical coloring of the sleeves and the patches?

Yarns are all worsted wools: Patons Classic Wool Merino, Cascade 220 and Plymouth Galway.

I have to admit that I had some trouble with the pattern toward the end. I misread the stripe patterns for the sleeves and had to rip and reknit them. I think it would have been easier for me to follow a chart instead of textual directions. Otherwise, it was a pleasurable and quick knit, as a garter stitch project usually is.

You can download a free sample pattern (Flower Pacifier Clip) from the book in .pdf format here, from the author's website.


KSee said...

That is just so cute. I love the colors. You knit to perfection.

Ann said...

It's so....gorgeous & the color work is fantastic - so vibrant! It's a master piece. Happy Easter.


GEEE! I have this book too! Very cute sweater!

Carol said...

It's adorable! You make THE best baby knits!

Michelle said...

Love it!

Allie said...

So beautiful! I must make this top.

Mary Jane said...

Beautiful bright and an inspiration! Lovely photography too.