Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Sewing-up Basket

My sewing-up basket is getting full. I have a bit of catching up to do. I have been spending a lot of time away from home lately. While I'm out and about I find it quite easy to knit things, but not so easy to sew them up.

So, the basket fills.

What you can see on the top layer are 2 baby sweaters. One short-sleeved in white with yellow stripes in Plymouth DreamBaby DK, and one teal long-sleeved pullover in Sirdar Rio.

Also in the basket are this bonnet and booties in Patons Classic Wool. I want to embellish this little set but haven't decided how I want to go about it quite yet.

Perhaps I will add a crocheted edge to them, just a little something to dress them up a bit. Maybe I will choose a bolder look and add some crocheted flowers and colorful edging to them. There are so many options to choose from that it's hard to decide.

Here are some pieces that have made it out of the basket and are now finished.

This is the Malicorne Jacket from Bouton d'Or's Layette & Junior book number 13. I've knit it in Plymouth's DreamBaby DK and adjusted the pattern for differences in gauge.

The baby socks are the same easy baby sock pattern that I have been using from Blossom Knitwear, adjusted to my gauge by using 28 stitches instead of 24.


Diane said...

Boy are you organized. So many possibilities on what you can add to the bonnet and booties. I'm terrible at stuff like that so I'll have to watch and see what you decide on.

The yellow sweater and booties are so cute.

Molly Morrison said...

You just don't sew up because you're out and about? I can stay at home all day and I still knit and knit and knit and hardly ever get around to finishing anything (in the sense of weaving in ends and sewing). Maybe if I had one basket for that stuff so it filled up and reminded me by its presence to feel guilty and just finish...

Ari said...


I have to admit that sometimes I am just not in the mood for sewing those seams either.

But you know, most of the time I'm so excited to see how it turned out that I sew it up right away.

For years I was frustrated with my knitting because it didn't turn out like the picture. I use better quality patterns and have improved my understanding of knitting since then and don't have the same problems anymore.

But I am still so very pleased when things turn out well that sewing-up is a little like opening a surprise gift for me.