Thursday, April 06, 2006

Imps, Hats, Hoods and Stash Dregs

Kid playing in the dryerLife is full of unexpected happenings, especially when there is a little one in the house. I never know what I will find my little guy doing next.

Apparently the clothes dryer is a thing of fascination. Did you know that little toy cars roll amazingly well in the drum? This is what the boy was telling me excitedly, voice muffled while his head was out of view inside the dryer compartment. Another Kodak moment.

How will I keep the little imp out of that dryer?

Hats and socks for charityThe baby hats and socks I've knitted for afghans for Afghans are finished and ready to ship.

socks tied to hatsThe socks are tied to the hat and tucked inside of it to keep the sets together. The hats and sock sets are then put inside a ziplock storage bag to keep them safe and clean during shipping. You never know what will happen to that box on its way to its destination.

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments I've been getting, I really appreciate the feedback! I also received an anonymous comment this week asking for a way to add a hood to the striped baby cardigan. I have added the directions for making the hood at the end of the posting for that pattern here. I'm happy to know that people are finding my patterns useful.

I did find the rest of my yarn stash today. There was a box of yarn hiding in the back closet where only fabric and scrapbooking paper should have been. The errant yarn has been safely tucked away in baskets on the shelves. You can hardly notice the difference, it just looks like a slightly fuller shelf unit now.

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