Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Blocks, Markers and Free Yarn

Knitted Baby BlocksThere is more thinking about knitting going on around here than actual knitting. I have only a few knitted baby blocks to show for my efforts. I'm glad I stuffed them with fiberfill and not beans because the toddler decided that throwing them at our heads was an entertaining way to try to get adult attention. Watching television in our house has become a potentially hazardous activity. Such is life with a 2-year-old *sigh*.

I've finished this month's stitch markers and sent them off through the post to my unsuspecting swap buddies. Muahhahahaha. In order to play fair and keep things secret I'll post the photo after the 3rd round is done.

Sign up for your free ball of yarn here. Yes, I said free yarn! Bernat is giving away a free ball of Disco yarn, limit one per household. It's a bulky weight eyelash yarn, and you know how much fun that will be to play with. Go on, get yours now.

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bethanie said...

Thanks for the tip on the Free Yarn!!