Saturday, August 06, 2005

Blocks and Sashing

I'm making progress on the baby afghan, as you can see. The squares have been sewn into blocks, and I have started putting the blocks together with sashing. Once I have it assembled I will decide whether I want to add more blocks to make the blanket larger or quit while I'm ahead and finish it with a border.

Knitting with cotton is tolerable in the heat, but only as long as the project is small enough to not cover the lap. I can't imagine working with wooly yarn right now, in fact I have difficulty imagining needing anything warm and fuzzy ever again hehe. It will pass eventually. My tootsies will get cold again someday and I'll be all over the winter yarns. But not today.

Today is day 26 of the heatwave here in California. They say it's going to get hotter before we see any relief. There's even a monsoonal flow from the south to add humidity. I guess I'll be feeling like a limp rag for a little while longer.


beatknit said...

The blanket is looking great! I love how all the colors work together.

African Kelli said...

The pattern you are using is beautiful!

shell said...

The blanket is gorgeous! I'm lucky when it gets too hot over here I just turn the evaporative cooling on and keep click-clacking away. Without it, I wouldn't touch my knitting during the summer months.