Monday, April 11, 2005

Post Stash Flash

I have really enjoyed looking at other people's stash photos. It would seem that most are able to keep ahead of the yarn accumulation and actually get it knitted. There are some out there like me who can't resist the urge to get just a little more yarn. You know I'm good for it, I'll knit it up eventually. Maybe. Don't pay any attention to that basket full of Donegal Tweed that's been sitting on a side table for 5 years. Hush you, that is 'decor' and a valid use for yarn I should think!

I have been so very busy with packing and preparing for the move that I haven't had much time for knitting (or posting either). I've managed to pack the stash into 2 rather large boxes. I will need a 3rd box for the projects in progress, but not until the last moment.

The blue striped sweater has a few more inches added to the back. The argyle now has a sleeve. The Dale has a back to match the front and should have sleeves finished soon.

I'm trying to finish all of the machine knitting so that I can pack the machine. One thing I have learned over the years, do not pack the knitting machine with projects unfinished. You will lose all your notes and won't be able to remember what machine settings you were using and will have to start over and frog and reknit. I hate having to frog and reknit a perfectly good sweater just because I've forgotten what tension/needles I've used in the first place, don't you?

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