Thursday, September 06, 2007

Those Addictive Dishcloths

Striped 4-Corners dishclothsI've continued to play around with Abigail's 4-Corners Dishcloth pattern. In the photo at left are some simple stripe patterns in solid colored cottons. As you can see, the gifts I'm making for weddings this month are in the brown/turquoise color scheme. It's a fun and stylish combination, and even if it isn't quite the newlyweds intended kitchen decorating scheme, they're 'warshrags' for heaven's sake, they're meant to be used up!

The stripes are so much fun to play with, just carry the yarn along the edge of the cloth and wrap yarns neatly on alternate rows to keep things tidy.

4-Corners dishcloth with contrasting corners4-Corners dishcloth with contrasting squares and trianglesStripes are wonderful, but there are other design possibilities to be explored with this pattern.

Simply change color for each quadrant and you have a 4-patch square (see photo left). Further, change color after decreasing and before increasing and you get contrasting triangles. Combine the two for different quilty results (see photo right).

What's next, you may ask? Why, all sorts of Gee's Bend-inspired dishcloths, of course. This could take a while.


Dave said...

Again, it's amazing how versatile these are. Are you using a specific hole management technique? I don't get big holes -- more like a decorative element -- but I don't see any holes at all on yours.

Mariella said...

What yarn did you use? I just love that color combo! I've just finished my first one in a green varigated and now I want to try your 4 patch square.

Ari said...

The yarn I'm using is Lily Sugar 'n Cream in Warm Brown, Softly Taupe, Ecru and Soft Teal.

There are a few things I'm doing that effect the texture of the cloth and the appearance of the short-row holes.

First, I'm using a size 7US/4.5mm needle which makes the cloth a little firmer.

Second, I'm working the short-rows without slipping stitches. That is, I don't slip the first stitch on even-numbered rows, I knit it.

Third, I'm being careful to give the yarn a bit of a tug at the beginning of each row to make sure the edge stitches are nice and snug.

Carol said...

Seems to be a rash of cloths! Yours are really nice! I have to try these!


Daaaaaaaaaaaaarling girl, I love what you've done with these cloths! You and Abigail are little knitting angels! I am so taken with the teal/brown combos of late! Thanks for the tip to prevent holes. I wasn't happy with the way mine were looking with the gap the slip stitch was making, so seeing yours knit convinced me that's the way to go!

Restless Knitter said...

I like your color combos. Thanks for pointing out the pattern.

Crochetnutt said...

I just love the different color combo's you are using. Is the pattern posted some were or is this one to purchase.

Crochetnutt said...

I found it. I guess I needed to hunt just a little more bfore sending. Sorry

Abigail said...

Positively brillant color and design combinations:D Well done!

I love every one of them. Elizabeth Zimmerman would be so proud of you!