Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Granny Squares

a few assembled granny squaresargyle vest in progressI now have enough granny squares to make a small blanket, just the right size for a pre-schooler to play on or nap under. I've started putting the blocks together to see how the mix of large and small squares will look. The sample (see photo, left) is still too small to decide yet, so I will continue adding to it.

The yarn I'm using is left over from a baby sweater I started knitting 3 years ago. After knitting the fronts, back and part of one of the sleeves (see photo, above right) I discovered that it had been designed as a short and wide garment that would not fit my tall and slim son. In order to fix it I would need to remove the bottom ribbing, add another row of diamonds to the argyle pattern, and put the ribbing back on. The boy outgrew it before I got around to fixing it. So I have decided to turn the sweater into a vest and save it for a future gift-giving occasion.

one blue sock in progressHere you can see my current portable knitting project (see photo, left). I'm knitting some socks for Mom, in her favorite color. I expect to take them along with me to doctor's appointments, the park, riding in the car with my hubby and maybe the bowling alley. So far the most exotic place they've been to is the laundry room.

The yarn I'm using? It's some Regia sock yarn I picked up way back in 1998. I think I bought the needles at the same time too.


Carol said...

Nice projects! I share you mom's love of blue. The sock is so pretty. My latest didn't get past my chair, so yours has nothing to be ashamed of in the travel dept ;)


Yeah! you're back! Lovely knitting!

Theresa said...

Regia is such a great old standby!