Monday, October 16, 2006

Pumpkins and Dresses

pumpkins and gourdsIt is time for our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.

Actually, I think we will be making a few trips this year. The pre-schooler is now old enough to enjoy the entertainments offered by the pumpkin purveyors and he wants to go back again and again. I have a feeling we will have more pumpkins in the house than we'll know what to do with.

I have continued to work on the red cardigan. I've completed the knitting and about one half of the sewing up. Lately I have been too distracted to finish it. Instead I have been working on my prayer shawl. It is simple and repetitive and does not require concentration, and it is something that I can pick up and put down easily while in waiting rooms.

simple sundressesI finally have a photo to show you of the simple sundresses I made this summer for my friend's wedding. They were cool and comfortable for her to wear in the Las Vegas heat.

I apologize for their wrinkled condition. The photo was obtained stealthily by her mother and myself. The dresses were hurriedly pulled out of a moving box, laid on the floor for this photo, repacked and out the door again and into the truck.

I hope that I will get a better photo to post at a later date.


Carol said...

Those dresses are gorgeous! Wish my friends had your taste in the days when I had to be a bridesmaid.
And when you're ready to finish the red sweater, you will. Pics of the pumpkins please! I'd like to see how many you wind up with :)

Missy said...

I love the dresses! Is that your own design?